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SiteVantage has a variety of applications and is ideal for worksites and fleets with heavy equipment.

The key benefit for your company is that you can gather data, track information, and use predictive analytics to better your worksites through software. Gone are the days of standing at a job site with a clipboard and stopwatch to monitor efficiency, with SiteVantage the software is doing it for you – every day, every time each machine is powered up.

  • Save time by eliminating the manual process of data collection.
  • Save time by eliminating the manual process of analyzing data.
  • Collect more accurate data with software that’s “always on” and doesn’t perform differently because someone is watching.

The software and dashboard are easy enough to use and understand that much of your team can reap the benefits.

  • Owners, operators, and executives: Better understand business data to create streamlined processes and save time and money on job sites
  • Site foremen: Work with teams to identify challenges and opportunities; can collect data and information without a manual process
  • Engineers and equipment managers: Provides the ability to collect data in a machine-agnostic way from everything in a fleet; keep more machines running longer
  • Equipment operators: Self-identify opportunities for improvement; create team accountability on work sites